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Because many people have asked for these, I am providing them.  


One is the link to the Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander Building Bridges Scholarship, the endowed scholarship I created with the money from the national Beckman teaching award I received in 2016, for students who engage in Diversity and Inclusion efforts at the University of Georgia.   


I have also included quick links to a few possible places people may wish to donate. In the wake of the George Floyd and other incidents, people have wanted to know what they could do.  There is so much to be done that there are many, many things you can do.  And they change over time.  When I was younger, marching was important.  Nowadays, I am more likely to write an editorial, speak, or donate.  Do what you feel you can do.  But the operative word is DO.  Thoughts without action are just wishes.  They get us nowhere. 

* Engage in the necessary Heart Work to come to grips with whatever shortcomings you realize you have and would like to change.  

* Vote.  You have seen how important your vote can be.  

* You can use your body.  That is, march.  You have seen the incredible difference it makes when people show how they feel by safely and peacefully taking to the streets.  

* Donate to causes that will advocate for what you want. I have included links to some of the larger ones that have needed donations for years but they simply  have not been supported the way they could be by the public.  Most whites are surprised by the idea that they could actually donate to things like the NAACP or Black Lives Matter.  They shouldn't be.  You support what you believe in.  You don't have to be a certain race to do it.  You just have to believe in their mission.  Support them, and they do the work for you. There are many, many other causes to which you can donate because so much needs to be done.  Local issues in your community may be more in need of funds. Check around and see.  HBCU's need funds.  Bail Funds need donations.  Including these links does not at all mean this is where you should donate.  It's just that with so many people asking for input, I'm posting some of the more well-known ones here.

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