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Need help with Diversity & Inclusion but don't even know where to start?

Well, you've come to the right place!


Practical Diversity can help with virtually any of your Diversity & Inclusion needs.   

  • Figuring out whether you should issue an internal or media statement about the racial situation taking place, to

  • Having a custom-made program to introduce your organization to the need for doing something about Diversity & Inclusion, to

  • Suggesting programs to fit the needs of your organization.  


Practical Diversity can help! 


From boards of directors to entire organizations, we can quickly and easily make suggestions to fit your needs.  Consultations are free and always result in a clear path of action.  


Everything we do is customized to your precise needs. In-person (when possible) or Zoom presentations (preferred) are dynamic and leave attendees feeling positive, hopeful, energized, inspired, and motivated, whether it is labor lawyers at the National Labor Relations Board, the entire headquarters of the Motley Crew investing organization, employees around the world at the National Security Administration, lawyers at Home Depot headquarters, or entire agencies, colleges or organizations ranging from athletic organizations to medical practices, we can help.


People often contact Practical Diversity and simply say they are "in a mess and want to do something but have no idea what to do!"  That's where we come in. We always figure it out. 


There is no reason you ought to know how to do this. 


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The Practical Diversity Experience

Practical Diversity exists to help organizations of any size deal with a range of issues involved in 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Individual coaching is also available.

You do what you do well.
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Let us do what we do well.
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Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander

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